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re:newer question

From: Surendra Reddy <SKREDDY@us.oracle.com>
Date: 22 Jan 98 13:09:02 -0800
Message-Id: <199801222125.NAA25601@mailsun2.us.oracle.com>
To: w3c-dist-auth@w3.org
   >    Wang,
> [Wang]
> ... 1.When one use put an object to the server,how to let the other users
> know the changes immediately?For example,when
> ... one create a image,the other uesrs' screen should also show the 
> I know,http does not support the push now.So,how to do that?
>    [SKREDDY}
>     Approach we used in implementing CSCW on web is through workflow
> agent/notification mailers. We haven't choosen
>     broadcast approach as it will have a significant impact on the 
> in a large scale CSCW implementation. What this
>    mailer does is if any new resource is added or property is changed it
> will route that information to the parties subscribed
>    for that resource through an email message and as email viewer is
> intergatred with workflow viewer it can trigger a refresh
>    event to get an updated view of resources. If you are authoring WEBDAV
> protocol document and if there are updates done to it
>    and using this mailer notification you are notified about the change. 
> does client gets this information depends how critical is this
>    information to the client. I donot see a need for client having a open
> pipe with the server to see if there are any
>    resources added. Client can do a refresh operation to get an updated 
>   [Wang]
> ... 2.I have read the WebDAV protocol-06 document,I think it is mainly 
> on html editor.I think using html has many shortcoming.
> ... Using HTML,when changed a litter,the whole web frame will be
> refreshed,it caused not only slow,but also incovenient.
> ... And,the interface isnot easy to use.Comparing to the windows
> application,it does not support menu,popupmenu,and many things.
> ... I think it is really hard to make the user satisfatied. well,we can 
> use the Java and the Activex technology,and I think using
> ... Java is more efficient then using HTML. What do you think of these
> technologies in WebDAV fields?
>    Adding WEBDAV extensions to HTTP provides more powerful documet 
> and repository functionality. Creating views on
>    this repository is upto the implementors. If I am using WEBDAV 
> to provide an Information Navigator tools in a large
>     corporation may be  we can implement that in Java or if you want to
> leverage on available WEBDAV authoring tools to publish
>     information. WEBDAV doesnot mandate to have a open channel with the
> server to author a document. When you choose to publish a
>     document, then only it connects to the server. I donot see any
> performance impact on the clinet because of the WEBDAV
>    protocol. You can definitely implement a more powerful document
> management applications using WEBDAV protocol.


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