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Working Group Status

From: Jim Whitehead <ejw@ics.uci.edu>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 14:08:24 -0700
To: WEBDAV WG <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>
Message-ID: <005701bd8045$9957aa80$d115c380@galileo.ics.uci.edu>
This document reflects the current status of the WebDAV working group.


* Interim WebDAV working group meeting
  June 15-17, 1998
  Microsoft Campus, Redmond, WA
  Registration deadline: June 10, 1998
  Topics of discussion: Versioning, Advanced Collections, Access Control
  DASL WG will be meeting for a half day on the 17th.

* Chicago IETF (42nd IETF) - WebDAV WG session
  August 23-28, 1998
  Registration opens 2 months ahead of the meeting.


The latest revisions of all documents can be retrieved from the WebDAV home
page at:


* Distributed Authoring Protocol
  "Extensions for Distributed Authoring on the World Wide Web"
  Editor: Del Jensen

  This document has ended its IETF-wide last call for comments, and is
  currently in queue for consideration by the IESG.

  There was only one comment received on this document during IETF last
  call, and this comment noted that the WebDAV protocol specification
  makes use of the text/xml media type, yet this media type has not
  been registered with IANA.  I have been working with Murata Makoto of
  the W3C XML SIG to develop a draft to register the text/xml and
  application/xml media types, <draft-whitehead-mime-xml-03>. This draft
  is now complete, and will be submitted to the IESG for approval as an
  Informational RFC next week.  Since this draft will be in the approval
  pipeline, I do not expect the lack of registration for text/xml to
  hold up approval of the Distributed Authoring Protocol.

* Requirements for Ordered Collections and References
  "Requirements for Advanced Collection Functionality in WebDAV"
  Editor: Judith Slein

  Judy is current revising this document based on the discussion at the
  Los Angeles IETF meeting, and discussion on the list, and a new revision
  is expected shortly.

  Once a new revision has been completed, I'd appreciate feedback on the
  ordered collections requirements from members of the list (I think the
  requirements for references are stable, and complete).  This section
  of functionality yielded the most discussion at the Los Angeles IETF,
  and I'd like to see if there is consensus on these new ordered collections

* Access Control Requirements
  "Requirements for Access Control within Distributed Authoring and
  Versioning Environments on the World Wide Web"
  Editor: Howard Palmer

  This document is currently in process of revision based on the discussion
  at the Washington IETF meeting.

  While this revision process is underway, I'd appreciate feedback from list
  participants on these requirements.

* Access Control Protocol
  "WebDAV ACL Protocol"
  Editors: Lisa Dusseault, Yaron Goland, Paul Leach

  This document is currently in process of revision based on discussion at
  the Washington IETF meeting.  Feedback on this draft to the list would
  help revise this document.

* Scenarios Document
  "HTTP-based Distributed COntent Editing Scenarios"
  Editor: Walter Houser

  This document needs to be reviewed to ensure there are scenarios which
  describe each of the requirements in RFC 2291, and addition of scenarios
  for access control, ordered collections, and references would be very
  Walter Houser volunteered to edit this document at the Washington, IETF.

- Jim Whitehead
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