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questions and nits on version 3 spec.

From: Jim Davis <jdavis@parc.xerox.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 11:38:07 PDT
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-dist-auth@w3.org
Apologies if these have already been discussed:

1. Why don't State Tokens and Lock Tokens use XML?  I see no reason one
could not put XML into the header of an HTTP request (unless the length is
an issue).  As is, this introduces a new, and somewhat odd syntax for
encoding tagged data

2. Re If-None-State-Match (4.3.2) Could someone explain why there's no
requirement for AND and OR keywords for this header?  It seems to me that
the semantics defined in the spec are those of "OR" (if OR were allowed
that is), and that "AND" also makes sense.  Even if no one has come up with
an application that requires it now, surely it's possible that someone
might in the future.  Is it very expensive to support AND?  If not, then I
would think that symmetry alone would argue for allowing AND and OR.

3. Re 5.1 what is the "access control draft" referred to here.  A citation
would help.

4. Re: 5.2.4 Interaction with other methods.  Says "Only two methods, MOVE
and DELETE, have side effects..." and then goes on to discuss MOVE and
*COPY*.  Is something wrong here?

5. Re: "Every time a method is executed on the resource the timer
is reset".  Does that include methods executed by others, or only the
i.e. if A has a lock on the object, and B goes a GET (which should succeed,
regardless of the lock) then is the timer reset?  Seems like a bad idea.
But if it *does* include methods invoked by others, then perhaps
'executed' should be 'executed without error'.  Otherwise, if A holds a
lock, goes away, and B tried to get the lock, and fails, the mere attempt
to get the lock will reset the timer.  How ironic.

6. Re: Typo: "is used by the principal on arbitrary method".
Probably missing an "an" before "arbitrary"

7. Re LOCKENTRY.  What's that "HYPERLINK" doing in the Schema?

8. In my opinion, DAV should use a consistent naming convention for its XML
tags.  At present it's a mix of MixedCase and hyphen-tags and even some

best regards


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