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Proposed goals and agenda for DMA TC meeting in Orem, Utah

From: Fay, Chuck <cfay@filenet.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 20:10:00 -0700
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Below are the proposed goals and agenda for the DMA Technical Committee
meeting next week, 7/16/97-7/17/97, in Orem, Utah at Novell's
facilities.  Please send any suggestions for changes to me
(cfay@filenet.com) or bring them to the meeting.

Proposed DMA TC meeting goals and agenda for Orem, Utah,

1. Come to an understanding on the similarities, differences,
    and synergy between DMA and WebDAV
2. Review the results of the Trial Use Subcommittee
    -- review the progress of the second prototype
    -- review the plans for the remainder of the trial use period
    -- discuss and act on proposed changes to the spec
3. Review the progress of the Conformance Subcommittee
    and resolve open issues
4. Discuss and act on the TC process proposal
6. Set the final schedule and process for publishing the 1.0

Wednesday, July 16th
9:00     Select a scribe, agree on meeting goals and
             agenda, and report on AC Java vote
9:30     WebDAV discussion (break in middle)
             -- Comparison of DMA and WebDAV coverage
             -- Comparison to ODMA relationship with DMA
             -- Discuss WebDAV relationship with DMA
                 (e.g., intersection; layering possibilities;
                 similarities, differences, synergy in the areas
                 of versioning, locking, containment, content, etc.)
12:00   Lunch (plus AIIM DMA demo AVI viewing for
             WebDAV people)
1:00     Report on ODMA 2.0 and the 7/9 ODMA meeting
1:30     Well-known properties discussion (ODMA, Z39.50)
2:00     Conformance discussion (break in middle)
             -- Subcommittee report on work done so far
             -- Presentation on DMA Baseline proposal
             -- Open issues presentation and discussion
                 (and resolution?)
5:00     Adjourn for the day
6:30     Editorial subcommittee dinner discussion?

Thursday, July 17th
9:00     Select a scribe
9:05     Trial Use discussion (break in middle)
             -- Subcommittee report on progress to date, straw
                 poll, coverage matrix, and plans for remainder of
                 trial use period
             -- Discussion and confirmation of the coverage matrix
                 and schedule
             -- Discuss and act on system default proposal
12:00   Lunch
1:00     TC Process Proposal discussion
             -- Summary presentation of proposal
             -- Discuss and act on proposal
2:30     Break
2:45     Plan date and location for next DMA TC meeting
3:15     Editorial process and schedule for 1.0 spec
             -- Presentation on FileNet proposal for editorial help
             -- Set schedule for 1.0 editorial process and 1.0 vote
4:45     Review meeting goals and action items
5:00     Adjourn meeting

 --Chuck Fay
FileNet Corporation, 3565 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626
phone:  (714) 966-3513, fax:  (714) 966-3288, email:  cfay@filenet.com
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