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RE: Open Issues -- Attributes

From: Yaron Goland <yarong@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 18:15:29 -0800
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I totally agree. I believe that the Web Collections spec is our best
hope for a unified frame work for meta data. It has been completely
re-written. It is still not clear who the final authors will be but
SoftQuad, the W3C, IBM, Apple, and Microsoft are all working feverishly
away on the draft.

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>Judith Slein wrote:
>> At 08:43 PM 2/7/97 PST, Yaron Goland wrote:
>> >1. It is impossible to require that the end of a link point back to its
>> >source as this could require a server to server interaction and we do
>> >not wish to involve ourselves in those issues. As has been previously
>> >indicated, server to server issues are a quagmire and we don't want to
>> >get stuck there. It is felt we can provide a useful specification w/out
>> >having to deal w/server to server.
>> Speaking for the document management camp, attributes are centrally
>> important to the services we provide.  And probably the most important use
>> of attributes for us is as a way to search for documents.  That means that
>> we have to be able to figure out what document a given attributes belongs
>> to.  Will Microsoft have an interest in this, too?  You can already assign
>> attributes, including custom attributes, to documents created by MS tools.
>> Surely the day is coming when it will be possible to search based on the
>> values of those attributes.  Will the Web be part of this picture?
>Searching is one part of metadata (and one of the ones I'm interested
>but there are so many other applications that all depend on the metadata
>being there. We have to get the metadata creation as close to the actual
>resource origination point as possible in order to get good data in 
>the system. This is why I think we have to make sure we get it right.
>> I'll send separate mail on the Warwick Framework which tries to do some
>> bundling of attributes, potentially using MIME multipart content to do the
>> bundling.
>The Warwick Framework would be my suggestion as well. Now whether or not
>that Warwick collection is bound to the resource(s) by a link or by
>some other method ( a META method? ) is argueable. I don't think the
>metadata should be part of the resource since metadata can change 
>without the resource changing. 
>Anyway, I just wanted to re-iterate what Judith said since WEBDAV
>has the greatest opportunity to actually do metadata correctly...
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