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Agenda for Palo Alto Meeting

From: Jim Whitehead <ejw@ics.uci.edu>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 1996 16:34:54 -0800
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To: w3c-dist-auth@w3.org
The third technical working meeting of this group will take place November
14-15, at Xerox PARC, in Palo Alto, California.  Larry Masinter has
graciously agreed to be the host of this meeting.

Technical Working Group Meeting
November 14-15, 1996
Xerox PARC
3333 Coyote Hill Road
Palo Alto, California
Room: CSL Commons

For directions to PARC, consult the map they provide off of their web page,
at URL:


Please email me if you would like to be on the agenda, or have a suggestion
for the agenda.

The primary goal for the meeting is to develop a rough consensus on the
design and features of the protocol for meeting the requirements for
distributed authoring and versioning on the WWW.

November 14 (Thursday):

9AM - Introductions, floor control conventions, overview of agenda, review
of WG activities (J. Whitehead)
9:15AM - Presentation on NTT Versioning Proposal (K. Ota)
10:15AM - Break
10:30AM - Presentation on Goland/Whitehead DAV Proposal (Y. Goland)
11:30AM - Q & A on Proposals
12:00 Noon - Lunch
1PM - Consideration of design issues:
 o POST vs. methods
 o Version header vs. URL scheme
 o Attributes
 o Notification
 o Versioning
 o others (please send me your suggestions)
3:00 PM Break
5PM Adjourn

Dinner - My intention is to have a group dinner for all those who wish to
participate.  Please email me if you have a restaurant suggestion (we
*might* just need a reservation :-)

November 15 (Friday)

9AM - Review WG Charter, sponsorship by IETF or W3C, discuss location and
time for next meeting
9:45AM Continue discussion of design issues
10:15AM Break
12 Noon - Lunch
1PM - Continue discussion of design issues
4PM Wrap-UP
 o Develop action items, and assign workers
 o Note design issues on which there is rough consensus or still contention
5PM Adjourn


1. There are currently 25 registered attendees for this meeting.  As a
result, there will be a formal floor control policy, where people wishing
to speak will raise their hands, and will be called upon in turn by the
Chair.  This was effectively used at the Cambridge meeting to allow
everyone to contribute to the meeting in a fair manner.

2. There simply will not be time at the meeting to bring people up to
speed.  If you are attending the WG meeting, it is expected you will have:
 o read the Goland/Whitehead and NTT proposals carefully
 o understand the Distributed Authoring and Versioning requirements
 o an awareness of the commentary on the mailing list
 o a good or better knowledge of the HTTP protocol

These documents can be found on the WG home page, at:


By attending the meeting, you agree to follow the floor control policy and
preparation guidelines described above.  No exceptions!  I know this is a
total power trip, but I really believe this is the best way to make this
the effective meeting we all want.

When you arrive at Xerox PARC, you should enter at the MAIN entrance.  Security
will then escort members down to the meeting room (CSL Commons).  Non US
citizens should bring their passports.

If you haven't already, please inform me of any special dietary needs you
may have (vegetarian, kosher, etc.), so we can get you an appropriate meal.

I'll be staying at Dinah's Garden Hotel, 4261 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA
94306, (415) 493-2844.

- Jim Whitehead <ejw@ics.uci.edu>
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