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Re: POST vs. separate methods

From: Daniel W. Connolly <connolly@beach.w3.org>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 17:06:07 -0400
Message-Id: <199610292106.VAA18645@beach.w3.org>
To: Yaron Goland <yarong@microsoft.com>
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In message <c=US%a=_%p=msft%l=RED-44-MSG-961029200115Z-1264@INET-03-IMC.itg.mic
rosoft.com>, Yaron Goland writes:
>My conclusion is that the cache consistency problem is inherent to the 
>current cache infrastructure and that using methods does not solve this 
>One final note, using methods or using POST w/mime types are absolutely 
>semantically equivalent. So any problem you bring up with POST w/mime types 
>will also exist with methods.

Methods are semantically equivalient to POST w/mime types iff the
spec says they are. That's the beauty of new methods: they can
have new semantics.

I don't have any strong intuitions, but I think it's possible new
methods could usefully address some caching issues. I'd have to
see a spec.

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