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Alan O. Freier		Corporate Cynic
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Here's the definition of HMAC for those that are interested.

HMAC = <hash>(key XOR pad1 + <hash>(key XOR pad2 + data))

  replace <hash> with whatever (MD5, SHA, etc)
  pad1 and pad2 are well-known (ie, documented)

It's really just a combination of known items in such a way that the
security of the result does not rely on the <hash> involved having a
strong "collision intractable" property.

In my opinion, the pending downfall of MD5 is probably overplayed, and
its use in HMAC is perfectly acceptable. But those who play devil's
advocate roles in front of less enlightened audiences might use this
argument against emerging technologies. Fighting such mischief is a time
consuming hassle.

Alan O. Freier		Corporate Cynic
<freier@netscape.com>	(415) 937-3638 (work)
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