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Ian Jacobs, W3C Communications Team

W3C Invites Community Discussion at WWW2008 Track

   W3C invites WWW2008 conference attendees to discuss pressing Web
   issues at the W3C Track in Beijing, China, on 23-24 April. Chaired
   by Marie-Claire Forgue, W3C track will present nearly 25 topics,
   some of them are related to the Internet use in China; read the
   press release. In addition to the W3C Track, Tim Berners-Lee, W3C
   Director and inventor of the Web, will give a keynote titled "The
   Future of Web Applications" on Thursday, 24 April. A press
   conference with Tim Berners-Lee is scheduled on Wednesday 23 April
   at the Beijing International Convention Center; more details will be
   available on the W3C track page.


Last Call: Cool URIs for the Semantic Web

   The Semantic Web Education and Outreach (SWEO) Interest Group has
   published the Last Call Working Draft of "Cool URIs for the Semantic
   Web." The Resource Description Framework (RDF) allows users to
   describe both Web documents and concepts from the real world —
   people, organizations, topics, things — in a computer-processable
   way. Publishing such descriptions on the Web creates the Semantic
   Web. URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers) are very important to the
   Semantic Web, providing both the core of the framework itself and
   the link between RDF and the Web. This document presents guidelines
   for the effective use of URIs in the context of the Semantic Web.
   Comments are welcome through 28 March. Learn more about the Semantic
   Web Activity.


Call for Review: XML Base (Second Edition) Proposed Edited

   The XML Core Working Group has published the Proposed Edited
   Recommendation of "XML Base (Second Edition)." This document
   describes a facility, similar to that of HTML BASE, for defining
   base URIs for parts of XML documents. All changes to the document
   are recorded in the XML Base Errata document. Comments are welcome
   through 30 June. Learn more about the Extensible Markup Language
   (XML) Activity.

   Past home page news...


W3C Questions and Answers Blog 
     * Pre-Obsolete Design by Karl Dubost
     * World Map and Statistics Challenge by Karl Dubost
     * W3C Team Planet... or Galaxy by Karl Dubost
     * If you had to fix the Web... by Karl Dubost
     * Get a CSS Drive by Karl Dubost
     * Many ways to access W3C mailing-lists by olivier Théreaux
     * CSS Validator gets an update by olivier Théreaux
     * Past Q&A Blog ...

Upcoming Meetings

     * Workshop on the Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social
       Development, 2-3 June
     * More About Workshops...
     * W3C Membership Meeting Calendar...

W3C at WWW2008

   Multiple presenters will be at W3C Track, The 17th International
   World Wide Web Conference (WWW2008) in Beijing, China:

23 April

     * Linking Open Data, by Chris Bizer, Tom Heath, Tim Berners-Lee
     * Making a Web Site Accessible Both for Mobile Devices and for
       People with Disabilities, by Henny Swan
     * News from W3C's Mobile Web Initiative, by Dominique
     * Internationalizing Speech Synthesis, by Zhi Wei Shuang
     * Managing Online Video (or Multimedia) Content with the Semantic
       Web, by Raphaël Troncy
     * A World of Stakeholders: Lessons from Global Outreach, by Daniel
     * Localization and Internationalization of Layout on the Web, by
       Paul Nelson
     * Geolocation in the Mobile Web , by Dave Raggett
     * Adopting International Standards Locally: The Importance of
       Harmonization , by Judy Brewer
     * International Domain Names, by Tina Dam
     * What you Need to Know to Reach a Chinese Audience?, by Richard
     * Semantic Web Development in China, by Huajun Chen

24 April

     * Designing the Web for All of Society, by Shawn Henry
     * Accessibility for rich Web applications, by Lisa Pappas
     * HTML 5, the future of Web Content, by Michael Smith
     * Web applications security issues, by Thomas Roessler
     * Wicked Wide Web: Integrating Documents and Devices, by Doug
     * Standards and mobile applications, services and widgets, by Art
     * Web Usage in China, by Weihan Liu
     * Building a More Secure Browser, by Mary-Ellen Zurko
     * Improving Access to Government through Better Use of the Web, by
       José Manuel Alonso
     * Video on the Web, by Philippe Le Hégaret
     * POWDER Use Cases, by Kai-Dietrich Scheppe

Upcoming Talks 

     * 27 March, Zurich, Switzerland: The Web of Things. Dave Raggett
       presents at Internet of Things 2008.
     * 27 March, Munich, Germany: Identifying Resources on the Web and
       Beyond. Felix Sasaki presents at MPG eScience Seminar on "Unique
       and persistent identifiers".
     * 1 April, Berlin, Germany: Analysing The Importance Of
       Standardisation In Driving Mobile Internet Usage. Philipp
       Hoschka presents at Mobile Internet.
     * 3 April, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Designing the Web for All of
       Society Benefits Us All", "International Web Accessibility
       Guidelines and Standards", and "Web Accessibility Basics. Shawn
       Henry presents at Web Accessibility: Bridging the Digital
     * 4 April, London, United Kingdom: Building mobileOK Web sites.
       François Daoust presents at Over The Air.
     * 4 April, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Integrating Accessibility in
       the Development Process" and "Accessible Ajax. Shawn Henry
       presents at Web Accessibility: Bridging the Digital Divide.
     * 21 April, Beijing, China: RDFa: Extensible Structured Data in
       HTML. Ben Adida, Elias Torres, Ivan Herman give a tutorial at
       The 17th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2008).
     * 21 April, Beijing, China: Producing XML that works
       internationally. Richard Ishida, Felix Sasaki give a tutorial at
       The 17th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2008).
     * 21 April, Beijing, China: Introduction to the Semantic Web
       (through an example…). Ivan Herman gives a tutorial at The 17th
       International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2008).
     * 23 April, Beijing, China: Mobile Web in Rural China. Stéphane
       Boyera presents at W3C Track, The 17th International World Wide
       Web Conference (WWW2008).
     * 23 April, Beijing, China: W3C booth. Marie-Claire Forgue is at
       The 17th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2008).
     * 26 April, Budapest, Hungary: [title TBD]. Bert Bos presents at
       Magyarországi Web Konferencia 2008.
     * 1 May, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: Mobile Messaging 2.0. Steve Bratt
       participates in a panel at CTIA Wireless 2008.
     * 6 May, Dublin, Ireland: XForms 1.1. Steven Pemberton gives a
       tutorial at XTech 2008.
     * 8 May, Dublin, Ireland: Why you should have a Website. Steven
       Pemberton presents at XTech 2008.
     * 8 May, Dublin, Ireland: CSS Advanced Layout is not only for big
       grids. Bert Bos presents at XTech 2008.
     * 19 May, Canberra, Australia: Improving Government through better
       use of the Web. José Manuel Alonso gives a keynote at Web
       Directions South: Government.
     * 20 May, Barcelona, Spain: Fast Forward: Get Ready for Web 3.0.
       Steve Bratt gives a keynote at bdigital Global Congress.
     * 17 June, New York, NY, USA: Web of Data. Tim Berners-Lee
       presents at LinkedData Planet Conference: exploring the new web
       of linked data.
     * 18 June, Nancy, France: State of the Semantic Web. Ivan Herman
       gives a keynote at 19èmes Journées Francophones d'Ingénierie des
       Connaissances (IC2008).
     * 19 June, Baltimore, Maryland, USA: How New Web Accessibility
       Standards Impact User Experience Design. Shawn Henry presents at
       Usability Professionals' Association International Conference
     * View upcoming talks by country
     * More talks...

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