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Yes!  Can never catch up.  Trying to think how to describe all this (ns-uri)
to the AC to get their (your advice).
Should get down to some slides....

Annotated manuscripts: Cool.

I don't know how much you know about what Ralph, Marja, Jose and Eric have
been doing.
(They described it a little in the Semantic Web track). They have an
annotation client in
Amaya, they have an RDF store which accepts RDF POSTed to an annotation set,
and uses MySQL databs as a back end.

There may be othr projects going around but I bet they for one (for four)
would like
to discuss this with you.

You could check with Dan Brickley - he tries to keep up with whats
Do you read rdf-interest?

See you at the AC...


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From: James Tauber <>
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Date: Saturday, May 20, 2000 4:47 PM
Subject: Web-based RDF Annotation Editor (was RE: Persistent caches - )

>Hi Tim,
>While we're both up at 10.30pm in Amsterdam (I presume you're still here)
>reading xml-uri, let me give you (and myself) a little break and ask you a
>(hopefully) unrelated question.
>First some background. In my copious spare time, I have for the last five
>years, been dabbling with a project to provide information on New Testament
>manuscripts on the web (see I have long held that
>this is a wonderful application of RDF ("this manuscript is housed at
>such-and-such-a-library whose address is blah" and "Joe Bloggs says that
>this manuscript is from the third century"). For the project to scale, what
>I have been envisaging (for quite some time, although have yet to do
>anything about it) is a system whereby, driven by an RDF schema, people can
>go to a form on the site and add statements to the project's semantic web.
>So my question is: are you aware of work underway (and is this part of the
>work that the W3C is doing in this area) to produce an opensource "RDF
>server" that enables:
> - persistent storage of RDF and local resources
> - browsing of a semantic network (via stylesheets applied to the RDF
>and the resources themselves, where appropriate)
> - annotation driven by RDF schema (again using a browser)
>If so, I would be very interested in using ENTMP as a small but real-life
>test application of it. If not, I would like to start such a project
>in my copious spare time)
>See you at the AC meeting.
>James Tauber

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