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Semantic Web Workshop: Preliminary CFP (Deadline: July 3)

From: Greg Karvounarakis <gregkar@csi.forth.gr>
Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 01:23:53 +0300 (EET DST)
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             Semantic Web: Models, Architectures and Management

A workshop following ECDL'2000 Conference Lisbon, September 21st 2000

Preliminary Call-for-Papers

The term "semantic web" has been coined by Tim Berners-Lee in 1998 to
denote the efforts dealing with the conceptual structuring of the Web
in an explicit and machine-readable way. The primary goal of
semantic web is to facilitate resource discovery, information
filtering and "intelligent browsing". The objective of the workshop is
to bring together and foster interaction among individuals
conducting research in the theory and implementation of the semantic
web. We invite submissions reporting original results on the
following, non-exhaustive, list of relevant themes:

- Models and Formalisms for Knowledge Sharing in the Web 
- Semantic Interoperability & Metadata Standards (Topic-Maps, RDF, XML Schema)
- Knowledge-based Mediation Architectures 
- Modularity & Scalability of Metadata Repositories
- Distributed Inference Services
- Query Languages for the Semantic Web
- Methods and Tools for generating Web Conceptual Schemas
- Intelligent Browsing Interfaces & Personalization
- Automated Categorization of Web Resources
- Semantic Web Applications for User Communities (Digital Libraries, E-Commerce, etc.).

Papers should be at most 5000 words in length. Electronic submissions
are strongly encouraged, in Postscript or PDF formats. If electronic
submission is not possible, 10 copies of the manuscript should be sent via
regular mail to one of the program co-chairs. Guidelines for
electronic submission can be found in the Workshop's web page: 

Important dates:

Manuscript submission deadline: July 3, 2000
Notification of acceptance: August 11, 2000
Final versions due: September 1, 2000
Workshop at ECDL: September 21, 2000

Accepted papers will appear in the Workshop's Electronic Proceedings that 
will be available prior to the Workshop day.

Program Committee  

General Chair: Panos Constantopoulos (FORTH & Univ. of Crete)
PC chairs: Vassilis Christophides & Dimitris Plexousakis (FORTH & Univ. of Crete)

- Bernd Amann   (CNAM-Paris)                 amann@cnam.fr
- Thomas Baker  (GMD)                        Thomas.Baker@gmd.de
- Rose Dieng    (INRIA)                      Rose.Dieng@sophia.inria.fr
- Marie-Christine Rousset (Univ. of ORSAY)   Marie-Christine.Rousset@lri.fr
- Alain Michard (INRIA)                      Alain.Michard@inria.fr
- Anne-Marie Vercoustre (INRIA)              Anne-Marie.Vercoustre@inria.fr
- Michel Scholl (CNAM-Paris)                 scholl@cnam.fr
- Amit Sheth    (Univ. of Georgia)           amit@cs.uga.edu

General Chair:  Dr. Panos Constantopoulos
                Department of Computer Science
                University of Crete
                and Institute of Computer Science
                Foundation of Research and Technology - Hellas
		E-mail: panos@ics.forth.gr
		Tel: (+30) 81 391634
		Fax: (+30) 81 391601

PC Chairs:	Dr. Vassilis Christophides
                Institute of Computer Science
                Foundation of Research and Technology - Hellas
		E-mail: christop@ics.forth.gr
		Tel: (+30) 81 391628
		Fax: (+30) 81 391601


		Dr. Dimitris Plexousakis
                Department of Computer Science
                University of Crete
                and Institute of Computer Science
                Foundation of Research and Technology - Hellas
		Tel: (+30) 81 391637
		Fax: (+30) 81 391601
		E-mail: dp@ics.forth.gr

For information and inquiries regarding submissions please contact
the PC Chairs.
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