Bikeshed now relies on WebRef for dfns

Hey all, this has been coming for a long time, but I just cut a
release of Bikeshed to make it rely on WebRef for definitions
(maintained by the W3C, and also used by ReSpec) rather than Shepherd
(maintained by Peter Linss). This adds 200-300 more specs to the
linking database, and should now automatically add new W3C
publications to the db (rather than requiring a manual addition for
every new spec).

The major consequence for *you* is that, since there are so many new
specs and new definitions, it's likely you'll run into new linking
errors, where an autolink that previously only had one possible target
now has multiple. Mostly, this should be dealt with just by specifying
your autolink more precisely; this sort of change happens regularly,
just usually a little at a time rather than a big bump all at once. If
you link to something multiple times, use a <pre class=link-defaults>
entry to fix it across your entire spec (see

However, there may be some conflicting definitions that should
definitely default to one spec or another. I've caught a number of
them and built them into Bikeshed, but if you run into more (like some
common HTML term suddenly clashing with a specialty spec defining the
same thing), just let me know with a GitHub issue.

Another note - the ECMAScript spec is in WebRef and wasn't in
Shepherd. I know this was a common cause for large <pre class=anchors>
blocks copy-pasted between specs. Go ahead and remove all those
entries from your specs; things should link correctly now.


Received on Friday, 13 January 2023 01:07:38 UTC