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Fundamental questions for the future direction of W3C

From: Avneesh Singh <avneesh.sg@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 22:25:27 +0530
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Dear all,

You may have observed the AB priority on developing corporate strategy/organization strategy to provide robust future direction to the W3C.

All of us are well aware that the web, W3C and our membership have greatly evolved over past two decades. And we need to consider the future direction of the W3C to ensure robust future of web and see that the W3C continues to be a leader in it.

Therefore we are seeking answers to five fundamental questions which go deep into core of W3C:

1.       Who we are?

2.       Whom do we serve?

3.       What are our core values?

4.       The most important: What is W3C’s purpose of existence in this age?

5.       After answering the above questions, the next step is to figure out what do we want to achieve?

We are an organization driven by the members and the community, so it is very important to have the inputs from our members as well as W3C team on these fundamental questions.

Please offer your input to the following issues on members GitHUB issue tracker.

(To gain access to the member-only AB wiki, please be sure to link your W3C account with your GitHub profile.)

What makes W3C unique (it leads to who we are):


Whom do we serve?


What are our core values?


What is our purpose of existence in this age?


Thank you very much

Avneesh Singh and Tzviya Siegman

On behalf of Corporate/organization strategy priority team
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