[ReSpec] release 23.2.0

Hi ReSpec users,


  * citations are now context aware - we call these "smart citations”™️. 
  * Added support for {{{ IDL.micro[“syntax”] }}}
  * TPAC - let’s meet up?


We are thrilled to bring you ReSpec 23.2.0, action packed with goodies and fixes.  

## Smart citations (Beta!)

As we all know, every spec states:
> “As well as sections marked as non-normative, all authoring guidelines, diagrams, examples, and notes in this specification are non-normative. Everything else in this specification is normative.”

We’ve taught ReSpec to understand the difference between normative and informative sections of a specification. 

This means that we, Editor’s, don’t need to put “!” In front of citations anymore 🎉 ReSpec intelligently checks if a citation is in a normative or informative section, and automatically does the right thing. Yep, check your References. You are welcome :) 

However, if you need to cite something informatively in a normative section, you can use a “?” In front of your reference. Like this:

 … and fire and event. For example, see how it's done in [[?SOME-SPEC]].


 … and fire and event. For example, see how it's done in 
  <a data-cite=“?SOME-SPEC">some spec</a>.

We are really proud of this feature and we hope it will make everyone’s lives a bit easier - one less thing to think about! 

Note: ReSpec will warn you if you’ve accidentally done the wrong thing (i.e., used a normative reference in an informative section). Check your specs, it might already be yelling at you about this. 

Lastly, if your spec is all informative, just do:

<body class=“informative">

Yep - it’s that easy!

## IDL Micro syntax (BETA)

We’ve implemented a micro-syntax parser for IDL, similar (but different) to the one found in BikeShed. It enforces certain established conventions for writing IDL constructs. For instance:

  Link to interface’s attribute, {{{ PaymentRequest.id }}}.

  Link to interface's method {{{ PaymentRequest.show() }}}.

  Link dictionary's member {{{ PayerErrors[“phone"] }}}.


We are just getting started on this - and we hope to make it smarter over the coming year.

Any issues, let us know!  

## Improvements
We’ve also made countless little bug fixes and improvements behind the scenes over the last few months. See our change log: 


Looking forward to seeing some of you at TPAC. If you use ReSpec, come say hi, and let me know what you’d like for us to work on next. I can organize a little ReSpec best practices / tips-and-tricks session this year if people are interested.


Received on Thursday, 4 October 2018 10:11:38 UTC