Re: Some XSLT hacks for xmlspec documents

> I made a couple of other fixes to the standard XSLT but the one that
> probably needs doing the most that I haven't done is that a list inside
> a paragraph in xmlspec generates invalid XHTML. It's easy enough to
> avoid, which is why I haven't fixed it.

The version of the stylesheet used for the mathml spec has had some code
to do that (since before XSLt 1 was a REC:-) I should probably simplify
it these days using XSLT2 but it works well enough, lifting any block
level element, not just lists, out of a p. 

> I'd have much preferred to provide for the literal inclusion of CSS from
> an additional file but haven't figured out how to do this simply
> [document(), no; unparsed-text(), no; xinclude, needs two passes ...].

why no for unparsed-text() ? The stylesheets work with just some minor
adjustments with XSLT 2 then unparsed-text ought to work well for
including css files as literal text. The MathML3 drafts are all produced
using xslt2 (saxon 8) using the xmlspec derived styleshseets at

> - make editors notes behave differently
something we find useful sometimes is that all (open) editors notes are
collected on the front page together with links back to the note and
also into the W3C Wiki (which means wiki pages for discusisng any issue
get created on demand by following the links) 


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