Re: Wrong file format in /XML/Test/


* Sébastien Duthil <> [2023-01-15 09:20-0500]
>I have noticed that a few files do not have the expected format 
>in this page:
>The page offers three different formats of the XML W3C 
>Conformance Test Suite:
>* zip
>* tar
>* gzipped tar
>The problem lies in the gzipped tar files: some (or all) of 
>them are identical to the tar format file.
>For example, the gzipped tar file of the latest release 
>20130923 [1] is the same file as the non-gzipped tar file [2].
>The gzipped tar files reduces the size of the file, allowing 
>faster download.
>Is it possible to restore the gzipped tar version of those files?

This issue has been fixed. Thanks for the report!

Gerald Oskoboiny <>

Received on Friday, 20 January 2023 01:51:49 UTC