rdf and html

Hello, first sorry to disturb, but i think i have a valid subject to 

I was thinking that the method to retrive pages is a bit old ...just 
download a file and read it and parse...surely there has to be a better 

The other thing i was thinking , is that, instead of html pages, we 
would use rdf pages. Benefits of rdf pages:

     complety transparent to old stuff, like rdf can be converted to 
html (there are already tools that do that), and supports file 
inciluding like javascript code or css files

     no need to javascript or other language ( better languages could be 
used...rdf also has support for classes also,so for example java would 
be a good choice)

     If the operating system is based on resources,  there is no 
distinct resources between local operating system and page

     the uri would remain the same concept

     and the use rdf libriares

     Both html and rdf, are based on representing information...but i 
think rdf is more general

Thanks for your time

andre coelho



André Albergaria Coelho

Received on Friday, 6 May 2022 09:42:45 UTC