The XML standard was unduly hard to find


Today I went to in search of a the XML standard.
I found lots of pages that sounded promising but turned out to be
telling me how wonderful XML is and why I should switch to it in
preference to other file formats, and lots of other very marketing
things, some tutorials and cheat-sheets.

It's possible that those who know where to find them can find them
immediately and have no problem, so do not see why I got stuck.  All I
can say is that they are not easy to find, if you don't already know
where to find them.  A bit like anything on most wikis.

In contrast, for CSS I had no trouble finding standards.  Why is the XML
standard not easy to find from, say, the XML Essentials [1] page ?

Eventually, I took a circuitous route, via a page on XSL that was helpful
enough to link to *its* standard, whose normative references duly found
me [0], but a link to that from one of the pages that the site links
from the word XML (e.g. [1]) would make some sense - and I found none.



Received on Friday, 25 March 2022 15:28:44 UTC