Nasty DRM

I think adding DRM as a W3C standard is a bad idea, because it hurts 
open and free(as in freedom) web - DRM is nothing more than tool to 
control who can access an information. DRM gives the website owner the 
power to chose what user can see, and who can see it. But what are the 
criteria for excluding users? It could just be used to make sure, that 
only user who paid for something can see it, but also it could be used 
to exclude people with different sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, 
race, nationality and much more. Giving that power to developers should 
NEVER happen, and you should be ashamed of it! The web wasn't created 
for dividing and excluding people, but for connecting them. If you care 
about net neutrality and users' freedom, remove DRM.

The Internet user

Received on Thursday, 29 March 2018 07:44:25 UTC