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On 4 Apr 2012, at 4:30 PM, Glen Shires wrote:

> We have just created the "Speech API Community Group".
> I noticed that a Mercurial repository is available to CGs:
> I believe this may be a good way to edit and track our specifications, and help ensure compliance with CLA. Can you tell me if it can be configured such that:
> - Anyone (public) can view the files.
> - Only CG members can edit the files.
> - Does it work well for HTML formatted files?
> If the answer to these is "yes", then please setup a Mercurial repository for our CG.

Hi Glen,

You now have a mercurial repository that is publicly readable and group writeable:

That is linked from the upper left corner of your home page (under version control).

Regarding HTML formatting, I don't have any experience. Another group is using mercurial as well [1]; you may want to contact Aryeh Gregor (his contact info is in [1]) for his experience.


> Also, if you can suggest a better way to track changes to specs, let me know.

I invite you to ask editors of W3C specs on the public mailing list

Hope that helps!


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