P3P Question

I have a question about P3P.  I have customers who forward/mask their own domain name to an affiliate link I provide them with. The problem is, their username/personalized information that is displayed from their original affiliate URL is dropped completely when they try to use their new domain name (which mask/forwards to their affiliate URL). I was told P3P solves this problem.
You can see what Iím talking about by visiting:  WorkAtHomePath.com
which is forwarded/masked to:
The long URL above, when clicked will show the username xactdealer at the bottom of jointoday.com but workathomepath.com which is the domain the customer bought, masked and forwarded to the long URL above does not... youíll notice the username at the bottom of JoinToday.com is missing. 
This seems to only be an issue in Internet Explorer 9 because it works fine in FireFox.
Can you help me / advise me on how to get this fixed or point me in the right direction please?

Received on Tuesday, 18 October 2011 13:39:58 UTC