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Broken Link to W3C Logo Usage page

From: Jordan Clark <clarky_y2k@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 00:58:33 +0000
Message-ID: <BLU148-W311E452FCED0D97DC968BCBEC20@phx.gbl>
To: <site-comments@w3.org>

To whom it may concern:

I noticed a broken link on the W3C Intellectual Rights Notice and Legal Disclaimers page (at http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/2002/ipr-notice-20021231.html).

In the Trademarks section of the document, the link to W3C logo usage policies is broken; I'm assuming it should point to http://www.w3.org/Consortium/Legal/logo-usage-20000308.

Just thought I'd let you know!

PS: I really like the new website redesign - keep up the good work!


  Jordan Clark



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