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On Thursday, October 15, 2009, 2:42:47 AM, Jeff wrote:

JS> I'm going to echo Robin's "surprise" here.  I did not expect to have
JS> problems with specs because the W3C website design changed.  Websites
JS> are different than technical specifications.  One is fluid, the other
JS> is not expected to be, especially after the specification has been
JS> released.  I will also echo Robin that specification re-styling should
JS> have been done in a sandbox somewhere, then reviewed with each WG,
JS> then released.

JS> On the one hand, thank you for restoring

JS> On the other hand, (for
JS> instance) is missing all of its images.  This is just the first thing
JS> I noticed.

It's not just the src on html img that has changed (and thanks whoever fixed the image references in between Jeff's email and my reply).

The spec-specific styling is gone, so for example classes like SVG-Term, code examples, etc are no longer styled any differently from surrounding text. I'm guessing from markup like

<div id="doc-core"> <!-- Document orginal content start here -->

that the contents of the original body element are now in that div, and that anything document-specific in the original head has not been preserved in the reformatted version.

The markup has also changed; many paragraphs now seem to be encased in anchor elements, so the whole para (up to the first actual hypertext link, at least) flashes with an underline on hover. 

Compare for example

<a id="Introduction" name="Introduction"></a> 
    <h2>7.1 Introduction</h2>


<a id="Introduction" name="Introduction"> 
                           </a><h2><a id="Introduction" name="Introduction">7.1 Introduction</a></h2>
<a id="Introduction" name="Introduction">  

(yes, the ID "Introduction" appears three times in the new, reformatted version).

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