Re: New W3C Web Site Launched

2009/10/14 T.V Raman <>:
> It's somewhat unfortuante that you chose to characterize my views
> as being specific to Google's interests --- though I suspect it's
> only fair that you might have thought so given that I'm our AC
> Rep.
> For the record, my comments regarding embedded metadata within
> Web pages to make them more machine-readable was a personal
> viewpoint   in this cae --- it's something I would say
> independent of my Google affiiation.

Fair enough and thx for the clarification. But you can strike my
Google-pertaining comments and the point is unchanged: there is a big
diversity of use cases and I don't see the point of grousing at W3C
because it has some but not all of them. Not to mention the resource
constraints, which is another matter.

Anyway, thanks again for clarifying yr position vis-a-vis Google's.


Received on Wednesday, 14 October 2009 20:59:53 UTC