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RE: new website - very surprising news!

From: Rotan Hanrahan <rotan.hanrahan@mobileaware.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 09:58:36 +0100
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There was an announcement of the beta site in March of this year [1].

I hope that Members will contribute to the ongoing improvement of the new site. I've already contributed (both during the beta period and also following the formal launch). As far as I can tell, the new site is not a testbed for all W3C technologies, though some seem to have that perception. If this is going to be a growing issue, perhaps a statement to that effect needs to be made (and kept in public so there's no confusion). Of course, having a testbed would be a good thing, and hopefully one will appear.

As for the Validator and other associated sites, I'm sure they'll get around to them, though I acknowledge the scarcity of resources.

(And for the record, I like the new design too.)


[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-ac-members/2009JanMar/0056.html

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Subject: new website - very surprising news!

Dear Ian,

Sorry that I have to say this, but I am quite (negatively) surprised of the
new website.
The design looks fresh, of course (congratulations), but the   ...

First of all I find it surprising that the members of the AC did not get a
possibility to see the draft website before the relaunch to help finding
some problems. Beta-testing is quite important and the more eyes look at
something, the more things can be found.
Or maybe I have simply missed the message with a link to the beta site?

I was looking at the HTML validator, but at the subdomain
http://validator.w3.org there is still the old design.
Why has that not been changed yet? Looks like the most important tool of our
website has been forgotten to be relaunched?

Best regards,

Markus Meister

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