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Re: CSS Question

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 09:14:36 -0600
To: "Maria Carmen C. Cruz" <cruzinmc@gmail.com>
Message-Id: <A6F7C462-53B1-4F50-B83E-6CD3E19DB618@w3.org>
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On 9 Nov 2009, at 3:36 AM, Maria Carmen C. Cruz wrote:

> Hi, I've been trying to brush up on my HTML and CSS knowledge, and
> also to learn JavaScript, XML, etc., because I'm interested in
> becoming a website developer myself.  I was born almost totally-blind
> as well as physically disabled, and I think I'd be good at creating
> accessible, attractive, standards-compliant websites from scratch
> using code alone.
> I have a question regarding CSS.  I want to put gradient backgrounds
> in my web page, but I want to do it using code instead of an image
> background.  I've tried to find ways of doing this, but I'm not having
> much luck.  Is there a way in CSS that I can do this?

Hello Maria,

I believe that gradients will be part of CSS3. I have seen demos of  
this recently. I do not know how well the draft approaches are  
currently supported, however. But yes: in the future you will be able  
to do gradients via CSS.

  _ Ian

>  If not, I have
> a code suggestion for gradient backgrounds that might work in CSS3:
> for a vertical gradient
> {background-color-gradient:top-#8191ae;middle-#a15bda;bottom-#8191ae};
> or for a horizontal gradient
> {background-color-gradient:left-#8191ae;center-#a15bda;right-#8191ae};
> or for a diagonal gradient
> {background-color-gradient:top-left-#8191ae;middle-center- 
> #a15bda;bottom-right-#8191ae}.
> If this would work in the future, please let me know, and also please
> let me know if there's currently a valid way to create gradient
> backgrounds without using images.
> Also, can you please tell me what's the most current set of free
> tutorials for Web2.0-compliant HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript etc.?  I've
> been using www.w3schools.com to improve my code knowledge, but I don't
> know if W3Schools has the most up-to-date codes.
> You can reach me by replying to this e-mail.  Thanks, and take care.
> -- 
> Marķa Carmen C. Cruz
> Access-r-ease - www.EasyAccessories.net.
> Tetra Society of North America - www.tetrasociety.org and www.tetragta.org
> Catch my blog at http://CruzViewz.blogspot.com.

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