Re: All Standards at a glance (or two)

On 13 Dec 2009, at 4:48 AM, Samuel Gómez wrote:

> Hello.
> Looking at the nice image map at
> I wonder if it would
> make sense to compose one or few similar diagrams for all or at least
> some of the standards listed at
> I think such diagram(s) could help people to:
> 1. Understand the role of each standard.
> 2. Develop concern about standards graphically near to the ones they
> have worked with so far.
> And... that's all. Just a thought I wanted to share. Thank you.

Hi Samuel,

I think having useful diagrams would indeed help. (I also think it  
would be challenging to create diagrams for W3C specs, but not  

Is this something you are interested in attempting?

  _ Ian
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