w3.org code

Dear webmaster,
I would like you to consider changing your cource code. I mean that  
the website is sent as application/xhtml+xml, but it is written in  
XHTML 1.0 with some HTML-like practices, like adding space char before  
closind empty elements: '<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/ 
html; charset=utf-8" />', the MIME type is characterisitc for HTML,  
the processing instruction is missing. Moreover, The http://www.w3.org/Consortium/ 
  site is sent as text/html, but this time the processing instruction  
is missing. I do not question your messgage, but as the XHTML  
webmaster, I often meet people who do not follow standards not knowing  
that this behaviour increases websites creating costs, internet  
connection usage and promote invalid code. We all know that it is  
necessary to throw Internet Explorer on the scrap heap, because it is  
totally standards non-compliant, do not know how to display any of  
XHTML documents and not existing tags, like marquee.

My point is that I would appreciate if the w3.org website would be  
improved to be compliant the newest standards and be a brilliant  
example how to create websited to beginning webmasters.

Thanks in advance,
Kamil, XHTML 1.1, CSS 2.1, XHTML 2.0 Working Draft Webmaster

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Received on Monday, 7 December 2009 14:19:30 UTC