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On 6 Dec 2009, at 2:50 AM, Gregg Hasenjaeger wrote:

> Hello
>         I am a web development student and your site is becoming  
> very discouraging to me. I'm beginning to think I am going to need a  
> 12 year degree to do web development. I have been going to school  
> for eleven months now and in that time your site has gone from  
> nearly impossible to understand and navigate to "which college  
> degree do I need to find the information I need".
> I went to validate a code I wrote for a PHP class I'm taking and was  
> told the DTD I had used was not allowed. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-// 
> W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 STRICT//EN" "  
> xhtml1-strict.dtd">
> <html xmlns="">  This DTD was taken out  
> of a class book which is published for an educational system. That's  
> pretty bad when a classroom text can't even keep up with the  
> standards. I went to look up the DTD standards which when I first  
> came to your site were printed out for viewing, now I have to open a  
> file in a Visual Basic development window and read latin. Are you  
> trying to make this impossible? Are you trying to get people to say  
> "No way, someone else can do this." At the rate you are going that  
> is going to be the result of your actions.

Hi Gregg,

I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered some hurdles. I hope I can  
help out.

If I understand correctly, you were using the validator on a page and  
it reported that you should be using a different document type  
declaration. I am assuming this is what happened since I've had that  
happen to me. I am not sure when the validator started to tell me  
this, but in my case the "error" went away when I followed the  
validator's instructions.
I think I updated the system identifier (" 
  xhtml1-strict.dtd") and then the page passed the validator.

If changing the system identifier doesn't work, let me know. Also, I  
can have a look at the page you're trying to validate. You may wish to  
send me a URI offlist, however.

  _ Ian

>         I hear "Accessibility" is becoming a major concern. How  
> about making your site information accessible and understandable? I  
> understand the need for standards, but there is a need for being  
> able to find directions that are easy to follow and I am not at the  
> low end of my class in respect to intelligence. Do you think you  
> will be getting back to reality any time soon? Should I change the  
> direction of my degree now?
>         At the rate you guys are going the going rate for web  
> development will be so far out of reach because no one will want to  
> do it that business' won't be able to afford web sites. Is that what  
> your intentions are? Wasn't html created to make it easy for people  
> to create web sites? Have we strayed from that concept?
> Just a thought from a concerned student.
> Gregg S. Hasenjaeger
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