Re: Redesign Styles Hypocritical

On 01/12/2009 02:57, Gérard Talbot wrote:

> "
> When font size is specified in any absolute units of measurement, such as
> points or pixels, the Text Size menu commands in Internet Explorer 7 and
> earlier do not resize the text.
> "
> coming from C12: Using percent for font sizes
> That is still [and also] true for Internet Explorer 8. It's not just IE7
> or IE6. So that particular issue with IE will be around for 5-10 years at
> least. [Addendum: on top of everything, there is no minimum font-size
> setting which can be conveniently and quickly set in Internet Explorer 8,
> in Internet Explorer 7, etc.. ]

Again not taking sides, but worth adding that the page zoom 
functionality in IE 7 and 8 scales everything, even text set in absolute 
units, which in my mind satisfies 1.4.4 "text can be resized without 
assistive technology". (the fact that it's confusing to have the text 
size and zoom functionality work differently in this respect is of 
course a problem)

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