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On Tue, 2008-04-29 at 17:57 +0000, saran wrote:
> Cold someone help me on this concern please?

Hello Saran,

Our use of the google search box on the W3C home page is not
meant to imply that google is better than other search engines.
We are currently using it as a convenience to people visiting the
site. In the future we may provide an alternative search service,
but whichever one we choose will be seen as favoring that one.
(We do not plan to implement our own search engine.) I do not
think we will offer multiple search options on the W3C home page as
that would not likely provide added benefit to users. 

Thank you for checking with us on this question.

 _ Ian

> saran <> wrote: 
>         Mr.Lee,
>         My name is Saravanan Kumarashanmugam, Architect consultant,
>         Living in Seattle WA. I would like to inform you regarding
>         search facility provided by home page. 
>         The home page has Google search box. I do not see any option
>         to use Yahoo, Live or ask or any other search engine option.
>         I would like to know as a neutral organization, why
>         promoting Google? (Or)  if Not certifiying that Google
>         is the best search eninge than other engines? I believe that
>         any search engine could easily crawl and index it. I
>         don't see any reason to accept Google is the best to crawl a
>         single website. Also guide me to raise this concern to right
>         people at
>         Thanks for help.
>         Kind rgrds
>         Saran
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