Article to your section "W3C in the Press in 2008"


I'm a journalist from Spain (sorry for my english :-)
), and I write articles about new technologies. I
found in your page a reference
(a link) to one of my articles. This is good, but I
haven't found on the 2008 year page any reference for
other articles I wrote.

If you want to publish it, on january I wrote this

- Publicado nuevo 'draft' de HTML 5 (in spanish):
- Publicat nou 'draft' de l'HTML 5 (in catalan):

These two are the same but in two different languajes.

I hope this will be interesting for you. Many thanks
for your time :-)

Guillem Alsina

Guillem Alsina GonzÓlez
Director de continguts
Content Manager

C/ Joan Roca i Pinet 3 bxos.
17003 Girona

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