Re: W3C website (accessibility)

Just for the record, I was mistaken, and confused the page with what  
I was actually looking for: which I  
inevitably type in as to begin with. Having said that,  
the typeface used on this ( and other  
pages (as it shows in Safari on my Mac anyway) is particularly  
difficult to read. I remember even being told in class that sans  
serif is better for the screen than, say, Garamond, though Georgia  
works well. However, it looks like some improvements have been made  
with regard to typographic hierarchy and line spacing. Still, without  
adjusting the browser window, the line length is quite long which is  
not optimal for reading. This page ( 
learning) uses a narrower column.

I regret having used the word "outrageous" and in general taking on  
an unnecessarily heated tone in my previous message, however, I still  
think the page could be improved by a better  
use of hierarchy and meaningful titles. Clutter, to me, tends to be  
overwhelming whether it's on a website or my kitchen counter.


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Received on Sunday, 28 May 2006 11:23:19 UTC