Re: What is the Document Object Model?

Hello David,

I can see your points regarding the DOM public page. I guess a little
clean-up and update on this page would be good. I'll try to do this next
week when I'm back from traveling.


On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 12:51 -0500, David Segall wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> Following a USENET discussion I believe that 
> <> is misleading. Although it defines the 
> Document Object Model in the first phrase the remainder of the paragraph 
> refers to the usage of, and references to, the DOM. Consequently, the 
> USENET poster decided that the DOM had something to do with Javascript 
> and CSS. I think the paragraph should describe, and briefly define, the 
> DOM. The next paragraph purports to explain "Why...?"  and should 
> contain the information now in "What...?". The information currently  in 
> "Why..?"  is about the definition process and belongs in a paragraph 
> about that.
> Thank you for your attention.
> Regards, David.

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