Re: 14 Broken links main PICS page

At 01:09 PM 7/8/2005 +0100, Andrew Cates wrote:
>What seems to be the main PICS page has some fourteen broken links in it to outside and within W3.

Thank you for the report, Andrew.

Linkrot is unfortunate but few organizations seem to understand
the long-term benefit of preserving URIs as does the W3C.

The PICS page is now primarily a record of the state of that
work as of five years ago.  Rather than drop the 404 links
from the historic record entirely, I have added "[broken link
as of July 2005]" annotations.  Motivated people could
perhaps use Web archives such as the Internet Archive [1]
to search for copies of these materials.


The DTD system identifier URI error is noteworthy, as our
HTML validator tool did not flag that was not the
proper URI.  I have reported that to our systems folk.


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