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Not so much a comment as a question

From: Alexander Parshikov <parahumanoid@mail.ru>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 03:16:18 +0200
Message-ID: <000001c3e085$cbfacf70$c1488ac3@sabaoth>
To: <site-comments@w3.org>


Could you please tell me where on your site (if anywhere) I can order a
CD-ROM distribution of all current approved recommendations or download the
offline version of the entire hierarchy.  I am aware of the opportunity to
download each specific standard as a zip file from their respective pages,
but in the office environment, distributing the scattered set of files
rather than an organized official distribution, is proving to be a hassle.

Specifically, I am interested in all standards required for WAI-AAA branding
and connected subjects :
HTML (all)
XHTML (all)
CSS (all)
XML (all; XPath and such included)
RDS (RSS specifically)
DOM (all levels that met approval to date)
as much more as possible in either HTML or PDF format (former preferred)

Thank you for your time.

Alex Parshikov,
Web Site Developer.
Received on Friday, 23 January 2004 20:11:19 UTC

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