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Corporate hijacking of the Web

From: Randy <Randy@RandySolutions.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 10:02:56 -0700
Message-ID: <001001c38450$08f17d80$1e700342@randysolutions>
To: <site-comments@w3.org>
The Music industry was once a healthy vibrant cottage industry where musicians and singers could make a living like a mom and pop grocery store. Back in the 60's we had an explosion of good music because of this. Then it became big business in the 70's with Arena Rock and Record Companies and lawyers controlling the big money. Your commercial music now comes from the decisions of lawyers not Artists. That's why it is so bad and not selling well cause it has been junk for along time. Don't let these scum sucking dogs continue their grip on music distribution. Kick them off the internet. How in the world did a Judge side with these idiots cause your browser or any application or computer running on the internet requires a copy of a file in order to function. So you must pay me to view this file I just sent you. How absurd. You can't send a copy of this file to someone else? If you don't want copies of your stuff on the internet you must keep your stuff off the internet in the first place. The Record Companies what to put their stuff on the internet and not let anyone have a copy of it unless they pay them money and this is totally absurd. This is not how the Internet works or why it was designed. The Record Companies should be sued for exposing Artists to the Internet in the first place. The CD is a totally different file and format than mp3. mp3 is for computers, CD is for CD players. The Record Companies do not own mp3 technology and should stay with their CD crap anyway and stop trying to invade and take over the Internet. That way any mp3 copy of CD format would be in violation of copyright if so deemed by the manufacturer of the CD. Copyright protection. Duh! The Record Companies are making the mp3 copies for distribution on the Internet in violation of the Artists Copyright protection.

The Internet was built with the help of Government Money for the purpose of Computers being able to access and talk to other Computers. The nature of the Internet is downloading a copy of a file from another computer. You are viewing a copy of a file right now. 

Knock them off and return the internet to it's original purpose of Computers talking to other Computers not marketing schemes owned by big corporates. The Recording Companies want to hijack the internet and control distribution and exclude artists that do not make them money like they have done with traditional Record Stores and Radio and Television. How did their Recorded media turn up on the internet in the first place. They put it there at there own risk and are responsible for exposing the artists material to illegal mass copying(the way the internet works!).  Boycott Commercially Recorded Music! What's up with VeriSign and its "Site Finder" marketing scheme. It is abusing the power to oversee all .com and .net domains it was granted by the U.S. government.
Should they be banned and Boycotted also?

Randy Saludes
Received on Friday, 26 September 2003 14:48:26 UTC

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