Re: Whither X-archived-at headers?

At 13:22 03/05/2003 -0400, Gerald Oskoboiny wrote:
>I don't think we have made any related changes, and that header
>is still present on messages I receive from W3C lists. Maybe your
>mail client stopped showing them, or a gateway started stripping
>them? (can someone else on w3c-rdfcore-wg confirm those headers
>are still present?)

You're right, and I apologize for any distraction I may have caused.

I've been having a few email-related problems recently, and while I thought 
I'd allowed for the effect of these, I now realize that it was a bunch of 
messages that came to me by a different route that were missing the 
most-useful X-archived-at header.  Now I'm getting service-as-normal again, 
I'm also getting the headers.

Thanks for your attention.


Graham Klyne
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Received on Tuesday, 6 May 2003 08:37:14 UTC