Whither X-archived-at headers?

I observe that since about 10 April, messages sent to me from the RDFcore 
mailing list no longer include an X-archived-at header.

I have found this to be an *extremely* useful feature, as it allows me to 
easily locate URIs for messages that I want to mention.  The alternative 
for me is to hunt though the online archives using a slow Internet 
connection, a most tedious process.

I strongly urge the systems team to reinstate the X-archived-at header for 
messages from W3C mailing lists.


Graham Klyne
PGP: 0FAA 69FF C083 000B A2E9  A131 01B9 1C7A DBCA CB5E

Received on Friday, 2 May 2003 10:06:34 UTC