Re: PDF versions of recommendation-status specification documents?

Charlie O'Keefe wrote:

>I wanted to print out a hardcopy of the new SOAP 1.2 documents and 
>discovered that no printer-friendly version (like pdf or ps) was 
>available -- or at least, none that I could find. Looking back at 
>other recommendations, I see that this is true for many other (but 
>not all) recommendations. Why is this? I would think there would be 
>a fair amount of demand for a pdf option.

The HTML or XHTML is the normative format for W3C technical reports.
Alternative (non-normative) formats like PDF can be provided at the
discretion of the editor, but this is optional and they aren't the
"genuine article."

In this case you will need to print the desired parts individually. If
you need PDF, there are HTML to PDF utilities on most platforms.

Hope this helps a little,
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Received on Monday, 30 June 2003 18:57:29 UTC