Re: Bos Design Guide document a joke I don't get

Hello Brett,

> Referencing:
> The page was similarly ugly in IE5.5 and Mozilla 1.0 and the content poorly
> chunked, with redundant code. If the design of that presentation was
> purposeful, there should be another link explaining the choices. The medium
> is the message - what's the point?
> Finally, aren't print style sheets part of standards too? I have yet to see
> a W3C doc set that would print from the browser well. Print is an extremely
> important aspect of browser applications. 
> Lead by doing - please.

You're taking McLuhan rather out of context, but readability is
certainly a goal of my pages. I don't know what you are seeing, but
all the browsers I tried display it fine. Maybe you don't like the
style. That's OK. It's CSS, so you can turn it off.

It prints OK as well. Browsers aren't very good at printing,
unfortunately, but this page isn't any worse than others. It doesn't
need a separate print style sheet.

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