Re: new font??

lucinda wrote:

>The change in the font used for displaying the W3C documents makes 
>them EXTREMELY difficult to read ... and I am not vision-impaired.

What is the URI for the page giving you problems? I am unaware of any
change to our CSS. I am sending a copy of this mail to Bert Bos in case
he knows of one.

(Just a note that I have seen different fonts when my browser was
running low on memory. Quitting and relaunching the browser fixes

>Please CHANGE this, or at least give the user an option to change the font.

You can use a user style sheet in all newer browsers set to any font
you like. This may work best for a site that you visit often, and less
well for Web-wide viewing. Also some W3C specs have alternate style
sheets you can choose from inside your browser (Netscape, Mozilla,
Opera and other browsers can do this).

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Received on Friday, 1 August 2003 15:59:21 UTC