Re: Web Accessibility on your homepage:

Stephen Dawes wrote:


>  Icons/rightIsaViz
>  Icons/rightW3C
>  Icons/rightRequirements


>  You may notice some duplication in the above lists, but this is how my
>  Screen Reader, JAWS For Windows V4.02, has read your pages to me.

I wonder if this only happens when the 'alt' attribute is empty. I also
wonder if you can set JAWS not to read the contents of the 'src'
attribute. For example, here is an img tag and part of the contents of
the h2 element that immediately follows it, from

   <img alt="" width="17" height="11" src="Icons/right" />IsaViz

Perhaps someone more familiar with JAWS For Windows V4.02 or someone on
the list will know more.

Thank you for the report.

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Received on Wednesday, 27 March 2002 00:28:33 UTC