Re: Q. about HTML standard/your validator

Hello Svend,

Here is what's 'wrong':
2. Height has to do with lay-out and you should put those things in CSS.
If you replace 'height="100%"' with 'style="height: 100%;"' it should
work fine.
3. & 4. The validator parses your document. Entities start with '&' and
end with ';'. Whenever the parser encounters a '&', it thinks that the
next part (up to the next delimeter) is the entity, although in this
case it doesn't end with ';'. Therefor it says it's an unknown identity.
You can do 2 things:
- Ignore it, since it does work in all the browsers I test with, and
it's not faulty syntax.
- Replace the '&' with '&', then it should validate and it works in
all the browsers.


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2. I run my site, , through your HTML
validator, and I got an error for my site as following:
Line 17, column 28:  
   <TABLE CLASS="back" height="100%" CELLSPACING="15">
Error: there is no attribute "HEIGHT" for this element (in this HTML
Well... If i remove it, then the table does not reach the bottom of the
screen, so it must exist, right???
3. Still q's about the validator, here goes: (It's a mailto:-link)
Line 76, column 50:  
  ... ring; din hjemmeside &quot;e-SKape HomePage&quot;&body=Hej
over-s&osla ...
Error: unknown entity "body"  
Works fine for me... A click on the link opens a email messages with
text in the To:, the Subject and the Body field...  
so the entity "body" is just unknown to your validator, or...?
4. Validator still:
Line 85, column 50:  
  ... tp://">DR
P1< ...
Error: unknown entity "venstre"  
Off cause it's onknown to the validator, it's a variable on ...

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