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Mark Lee wrote:
> I am a webmaster who tries to keep in touch with the various actitivities of
> the W3C (I am not as up-to-date as I would like, but that is another
> matter). In attempting to interest others of my colleagues to do the same, I
> find that there is major drawback in not having a single repository of the
> current Recommendations. 'Instant Gratification' is unfortunately
> undermining the effort. Sifting through the site is not a loathsome task,
> but much can be said for the quick reference approach especially when
> dealing with a superior who is unwilling, or unable to spend much 'sifting
> time'. Would you, or could you, consider the creation of a Current
> Recommendations option on your site? Thanks for hearing me out.

Hi Mark,

Have you seen this page:
and in particular the list of Recommendations:

Please let me know if you were seeking something else.

  - Ian

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