Permission to use images


I found the images below on your Accessibility Forum website:(
), and I would like to use some of them in a booklet I am publishing on
people with special needs. Could you please tell me if I need special
permission to use them in my publication. The booklet will be distributed
for free to a limited audience over the web (in its electronic version) and
to anyone attending the next STC Annual Conference, next May in Dallas (in
its printed format).

I just need these images to identify each of the five sections I have in
the booklet - Mobility restrictions, Chronic Fatigue, Hearing Impairment,
Sight Impairment, and Dietary Restrictions.

I guess for Mobility restrictions, I will use the wheelchair symbol. It
seems to be international. And for Hearing Impairment, I should use the
stylized ear. I've also seen that one in many places. The magnifying glass
looks great for Sight Impairment. I prefer that to a white cane symbol,
since most "blind" people do have some sight. However, for Chronic Fatigue,
I'm not sure I'll use the person with a cane. I think most people with
chronic fatigue do NOT use a cane, so I would give the wrong impression.
And for Dietary restrictions, I was thinking of using the "standard" symbol
you see on highways that represent a restaurant or dining establishment
(plate and cutlery). Do you happen to know of any other symbols I could

I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me, and I hope I'll hear
from you soon.

Fabien Vais

Received on Sunday, 4 August 2002 15:56:21 UTC