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Rose wrote:
> I am a student @ University of Massachusetts@Lowell.
> I would like to know how long it took from the beginning of the project to
> the release of the latest and greatest version of HTML 4.0 took.
> You had to review it, test it and add to it as needed and then test it
> again.  Did it take months or even years.  I really need the answer.  I can
> get extra credit if I get it right.  Any details about the process would be
> great, and who does the work would be even better.

Hi Rosemary,

As to who does the work: The HTML Working Group (whose composition
changes over time).

On the HTML WG home page [1], you'll find out information
about versions of HTML (excluding versions of xhtml):

HTML 4.01: Published 24 Dec 1999
HTML 4.0: Published first 18 Dec 1997
HTML 3.2: Publihsed first 14 Jan 1997
HTML 2.0: first published November 1995

More history:

I hope this helps,

 - Ian


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