Re: XSV-validator

>From: Ian Jacobs <>
>Organization: W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
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>Richard Morgan wrote:
>>The link to the XSV schema validator on the page >is referencing an empty document. Is the validator no longer available? 
>Are you talking about:
>When I follow this link I get a Web form with:
>  "XSV version: XSV 1.176/1.87 of 2001/02/16 16:38:43"


Could you give a time frame on this?

This service was migrated to another server not very long ago.  In the
early am hours of Wednesday March 7th we upgraded both the webserver,
Jigsaw, to a shadow release and the jdk it was using.  This service
suffered from a couple days undetected where this was the symptom
while other services on the machine ran fine.  We believe it is
corrected.  To see if it is an intermitten problem I have done a
couple samplings of accessing this 5000 times each without

Ted Guild <>
W3C Systems Team

Received on Friday, 16 March 2001 09:42:59 UTC