Error / Broken Link in "History of the WWW"

Concerning the following:-

   "A Little History of the World Wide Web"
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Firstly, it states, 'Tim Berners-Lee writes a notebook program,
"Enquire-Within-Upon-Everything"'. I believe that the original system
was called simply "ENQUIRE", and the program used to interface the
system itself was called "ENQUIRE WITHIN". This is backed up by the
GIF scans of the original manual at [1]. The full title "Enquire
Within Upon Everything" was the source that TimBL derived it from, the
name of a victorian book. There is an etext of that book available at

Further to that, I painstakingly typed out the entire ENQUIRE manual
by hand, and it is now available at:-

I did this because the original GIF images [1] are difficult to read,
and more or less impossible to cite from :-) I have tried to maintain
the original typsetting as far as possible.

Secondly, the link to "Hypertext and CERN" text version - is broken. So is the WN version:


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