Some comments, and a question or two (if I may).

Good page and site!    I plan to reference it in my pages (both XHTML and CSS 
validation services).

ref XHTML 1.0.

1.  When you list an item as "deprecated" you seem to offer no solution.  In 
the case of "noshade" for the HR tag you say to handle this in CSS, but I can 
find no way to handle it (maybe I'm just stupid).  Suggest that when you 
state that an item is "deprecated" that you offer a solution  - a way to 
actually handle this in CSS, or other form.

2.  When I validate my XHTML there is a statement that says "character 
encoding unknown", and I cannot seem to discover what I have done wrong, or 
left out.  My XHTML validates, but I worry about this statement - seems to 
infer that I have left something out.  Please help me out here.  Following is 
my HTML that "does not compute"...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns = ""
      xml:lang = "en"
      lang  = "en">

<link href  = "std.css" 
      rel   = "stylesheet"
      media = "screen, print"
      type  = "text/css" />

<title>Selected browser object contents.</title>

<meta http-equiv="Content-type"
                       content='text/html; charset="UTF-8"' />
<meta name="creator"   content="Ron Shideler" />
<meta name="keywords"  content="XHTML, javascript, browser, examples" />
<meta name="generator" content="Hand-typed in Wordpad" />


Thank you for your time.  This may not be the proper forum for these 
questions, and if not pse forgive my intrusion.  Perhaps I should "join", 
huh?  Just tryin' to get along.

Again, thanks for your site.  I use it all the time in my efforts to produce 
good pages on the web.  Good work.  I use your icons for XHTML and CSS, and 
user accessibility (after reading your criteria) on my pages.  Thank you.


Received on Wednesday, 7 March 2001 17:47:04 UTC